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Brian Epstein


What You Need

Brian Epstein is a consulting hydrologist and the founder of Dihydrogen Oxide. He has more than a decade of experience working on water rights and water administration. Brian helps clients tailor projects, agreements and petitions to transfer water to on the ground conditions so projects are protected legal and can physically replenish streams. He has the unique combination of experience working on the technical aspects necessary to implement multiple use water projects. 

During his 8 years with the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Brian was in the Stream and Lake Protection Section. He helped review and shepherd recommendations for new instream flow (ISF) water rights or voluntary agreements to add ISF or transfer existing rights to ISF through the administrative and water court processes. He would help design and install measurement systems so projects could document water use. He also acted to protect the ISF and natural lake level water rights portfolio by monitoring flow conditions and requesting administration.


As a water commissioner with the Division of Water Resources, Brian administered water rights, created and reviewed annual diversion records, and field reviewed applications for new water rights. His three years of administering water and field reviewing petitions allow him to foresee challenges related to water transactions and prevent unintended negative consequences.

Prior to working for the State of Colorado, Brian was a consulting hydrologist. His projects included property transaction environmental due diligence, environmental litigation support, project design and implementation for field data collection, and groundwater modeling.

He received his Master of Science in Hydrogeology from the University of Nevada, Reno and his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Natural Resources Policy Studies from Michigan State University.

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