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Connecting Clients

with the unique context of local water resources and facilitating a smoother transition to sustainable use so that we can build a better future.


Dihydrogen Oxide is a small client focused consulting firm that delivers creative water stewardship solutions through a deep understanding of options that legally protect water rights and meet water needs to practically achieve client objectives.



Water Rights Transactions

Collecting the data necessary and conducting the analysis to inform instream flow dedications, forbearance agreement, temporary and long term leases, sales, and acquisitions is only part of the value added service. Long protracted court battles are costly, Dihydrogen Oxide can help resolve issues and seek resolutions that can reduce transaction costs.

Implementation Planning

Water Stewdarship Planning

Water stewardship involves understanding an organization's water use in the context of the watersheds within which operations occur and the shared risk and opportunities in terms of water balance, water quality, local laws, and governance. Many entities understand the materially significant nature of water for their operations. Past thinking examines water from the lens of risk. Now many entities want to understand the opportunities associated with water stewardship. Dihydrogen Oxide helps smooth out the transition. From initial evaluation of clients needs and analysis of the local watershed context to stakeholder outreach, developing out of the box solutions, project execution, adaptive operational planning, monitoring, and reporting Dihydrogen Oxide’s work is grounded in technical knowledge and integrity.


Monitoring and Reporting

Managing water involves monitoring use. Protecting water rights often involves reporting use. Dihydrogen Oxide develops monitoring systems and reporting plans that empower clients to operationalize the process. Dihydrogen Oxide  operates on the principle that the simplest and least expensive method for collecting and reporting water use data is in our clients interest.


Water Resource Assessments

Water resources cannot be managed rationally without an understanding of the quantity, quality and reliability of available water. To really unlock opportunities that lead to sustainable use requires a holistic understanding of the water system within which water is being used. Dihydrogen Oxide adopts the assessment process for the domain specific nature of each project. Dihydrogen Oxide adopts standard methodology to examine the specific domain of interest and that can most efficiently address clients needs.

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